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Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland

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Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland

Transcribed & Compiled by Teena
from the " Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland" (Dublin 1800.)
note this is incomplete & there are quite literally thousands of names mentioned.
Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland

Submitted to our Rootsweb Maillist by John Polk of Maryland USA regarding the dates of the patent rolls
Some care is needed in understanding the dates shown in these records. The year is the regnal year not the calendar year unless shown otherwise, as in the first item. "17 Aug 14," for instance, was 17 Aug in the 14th year of James's reign, which began 25 March 1603, so was calendar year 1616.
Ian MacInnes Dates Based on Regnal Years Calculator allows folks the ability to enter in the date in question to calculate the exact date.
**Comment from Ian MacInnes' Page: Dates based on regnal years refer to the year of the current monarch's reign and usually have the format "year + monarch" (e.g. "4 Mary"). This page will take a date in regnal years and return an ordinary date. For instance, if you enter 6/1 1 Elizabeth I, you will get the year 1559 because June 1st in her first regnal year occurred in 1559.

Extracts of some of the Patent Rolls of King James 1

LXVIII 21 Letter from the Privy Council in England in answer to a petition of Patrick O'Hanlon, one of the King's pensioners in Ireland, directing that he be restored to his lands in Tyrone, that an equivalent in lands be granted to him in lieu of any injury he may have received by the erection of fort Norris on his land and that the pension granted to him by the late Queen be continued 12 Sept 1603

XVIII 81 General Pardon for Teige O'Mulcrive, Pat. Grome O'Mulcrive, Donell McMuldone, Shane McQuin O'Neill, Tirlagh oge McTirlagh McEyirr, Pat. Modder O'Mulley, Connor O'Mulcrive, Art O'Hagan, Donogh Reogh O'Hagan. Toole O'Mellane, Tirlagh Grome McEyirr, Pat. oge McShane McTirlagh McEyirr, Edm. Duff McEyirr, Owen McMahowne, Ever Duff McEyirr, Edm. Echoggie McEyirr, Hugh O'Neill McCormock, Dowaltagh O'Donnely McShane McEprior, Owen McRory, Phelem McRory, Matthew Murphy, and James O'Donelly all of Tyrone co. Con McHenry O'Neale, of Tyrone, natural son of sir Henry oge O'Neale kn. deceased, Owen O'Neale McDonell, Brian Glasse McCarrell, Gillernowe O'Shevelan, Shane O'Morrise. Pat. Groome McEyirr, Owen Madder McEyirr, Art O'Dowgan, Tirlagh oge McCormick, O,Brian Moore McEyirr, Hugh bane O'Clush, John McEdmond McShane, Moore O'Callan, Ed. Magwerke, Phelemy Duffy O'Neill, Art oge McRory and Laughlin O'Dowell all of Tyrone co. Alexander Roe McDonell, Neale boy McEbrey, Pat Groome O'Quinn all of Tyrone, Shane O'Donnelly, and Dowaltagh O'Donnelly both of Tyrone. Daniel oge McConree of Tyrone co, Shane boy McConrie of the same.

XXII 86 Grant from the King to Capt Thomas PHILLIPPES
The customs and subsidies small and great upon all merchandizes, wares, goods, imported and exported into Portrushe and in Antrim County. and the river Banne in Antrim, Tyrone and Colraine Counties. except the duties on all wines, with the ferry and ferry boat of Colraine over the Banne and the ferry of Towm the said river and all other ferries and passes over river from Antrim County to the Coleraine or Tyrone County, every convenient place betwixt Coleraine and Towm, or Toome, with the fee of a half-penny for every passenger and his burden, and a penny for every horse and his burden, and for cow, bull, and ox ,and in proportion for smaller cattle to be carried over, between sun and sun, rent 1 0s. 0d. -ster.- To hold for 21 years. This grant was made in redress of the many stealths, robberies, and other evils which were actually committed and carried from one country, to the other, over the Banne, by reason there was no keeping upon the passages thereof and that every one transported whom and when it pleased him, by boats and other small vessels, much tending to the disturbance of the common peace of the said countries, and his Majesty's service -20 Jun 3rd.

V 7 Grant from the King to John BROWNE gent Licence to establish several ferries or passages as follows viz one ferry at or between the town of the Lifi er Donegal County and the town of Strabane Tyrone co. over the river of Fynn, one ferry at, or near, the Green Castle in Inishowen Donegal County between said GreenCastle and the point of land called the Currane in Tyrone co. over the lough or arm of the sea called Loughfoile one ferry at the town of Rathmullane Donegal County over the lough or arm of the sea called Loughswilly between Rathmullane and the several places called the Inish and the Fane in Inishowen, one ferry at or near Balliboyle Donegal County over the river Portimuker one ferry at or near Litterm ward Donegal County over the lough or river of Geybera otherwise Gothbera, in Ballilough, which being so established, the King demised the same to him with power to take for the fare or passage at the Lifier for every man passing from one side of the river ,to the other, one-half penny for a horse or cow, one penny for every horse load, one penny for every sheep, one farthing and so rateably for small cattle, at Green Castle for every man 8 for every horse or cow 6d for every horse load 24 for every sheep one penny and so rateably for small cattle at Rathmullan for every man 2 1 for every horse or cow 6d for every horse load 2 for a man's burthen one penny at Portimuker and Gothbera for every man one penny for every horse or cow 2 for every horse load 2 for every sheep one halfpenny and rateably for beasts of that kind rent 10 Ir To hold for 21 years for the fine of 5l Ira 27 Sep 5

XXVI 7 General Pardon to Ferdorogh McCahire O'Mellane, gent. and Owen O'Hagane McTeige of Tyrone gent. Art O'Hagane McTeige of the same. gent, Rorie O'Mellane McGlasing of the same gent Phelim Modder O'Mellane, of the same, gent. Arte oge McBrien McArte O'Neale, of Tyrone, gent. Hugh O'Neale McDonill, of the same, gent. Art O'Neale McDonell, of the same, gent. Toole McGilsonan, of Tyrone co. yeoman, Rory Ballagh McMoler, of the same, yeoman, Morogh McATener, of the same, yeoman, and Edm. McAlesterine of the same, yeoman 23 Feb 5th

XXVII 7 General Pardon to Edmond oge O'Hagan, of Tullioge, and Owen oge O'Hagan of Dungannon, in Tyrone co. gent., Teige McEdmond oge O'Hagan of the same, gent., Eugene M'Edm. oge O'Hagan of the same, gent., Art M'Cormock O'Hagan, of the same, gent., Toole McVagh of the same, gent. Rorie O'Slevyn of the same, Collo O'Brannan of the same, gent., Eugene O'Brannan of the same, Ferdorogh M'Gilgrim O'Mellan of the same, gent. Neale McLawry, Arte oge McNaval gent., Gilliduff Roe McNavall gent., Brian oge O'Conn O'Quin gent., Ed. oge O'Delvin gent., John O'Kynnan gent., Donell McConoghor gent., Neale McGilchannan gent., Toole O'Slevyne gent., Donogh oge McCooell gent. Ed. O'Dugenan gent., Cahill McGiluiggan gent., Murtagh O'Coschrachan gent., Donell Dufie McKynnan gent., Teige McCollo O'Mulchallen gent., Bryan McHenry O'Mulchallan gent., Pat. Duffe O'Hartane gent., Brian McPat O'Mulchallan gent., Neale O'Hagan gent., Owen O'Corr gent., John O'Hagan gent., Tirlagh Duffe O'Corr, Pat. Moder O'Kynnan gent., Pat O'Mellane McEdmund McPhelim Carry gent. and Tirlagh Duffe O'Gubben gent., all of Tyrone co.

CX 4 7 General Pardon to John McHugh oge O'Neale gent., Donnell McShane O'Donellie, yeoman, Patrick McEdmond O'Donellie, yeoman, James McTirlagh oge O'Donnellie, yeoman, Patrick Surragh McGillamorigh, yeoman, Patrick McPhelim O'Quin, yeoman, Donogh Ballaghe McPatrieke O'Quin, yeoman, Rowrie McTeige O'Hagan, yeoman, Patrick McShane McKenay, yeoman, Phelim McBrian McYeere, yeoman, Gillaspoge McPerson McDonnell, yeoman, Patrick oge McPatrick boy Makenay, yeoman, Terence otherwise Tirlagh McPatricke oge Makenay, yeoman, Patrick boy McGillan, yeoman, Patrick Litt O'Hugh, yeoman, Neale Reough, yeoman, Eugene McHenrie bane O'Hugh, yeoman, Patrick McEdmond Dowe McYeere, yeoman, Edmond O'Gorman, yeoman, all of Tyrone co

XV 2 Deed whereby John LEIGH of Omey in Tyrone co esq assigns to Henry PIERS of Dublin city esq. his right to procure the passing of letters patent containing a grant of the lands mentioned in the ensuing grant 13 Jul 11.

LXXXI 14 Grant to Robert HAMILTON M.D., Hugh HAMILTON of Moyagh gent., Patrick HAMILTON, clerk, John HAMILTON, his son, William HAMILTON of Trien-Itragh, gent., John BIRSBEANE of Gortlosh, gent. Hugh HAMILTON of Loghneneas, merchant, Alex STEWART, of Lagry, esq., Ninian ENGLISH and Tho. REDGATE, of Londonderry city, merchants, William LYNNE of the same, gent. Thomas McALEXANDER, gent. Robert LINDSAY, George GRAY, John MOORE, seamen, James KYLE, David MONCREEFE, William CUNYNGHAM, Archibald JOHNSON, Constantine MORTON, James CUNYNGHAM, William CAWDER, Gilbert, otherwise Gillchrist McNEILE, John PATERSON, John LOGY, James YOUNG of Urny, clerk, Arch COLVILLE gent., Matthew CRAFFORD, servant of James, Earl of Abercorne, James HAMILTON, gent. the like, John BROWNE, James BURNE, William LOVE, John STEPHENSON jun. and Thomas STEPHENSON, all being of the Scoth nation or descent to be free from the yoke of Scotch or Irish servitude and to enjoy all the rights and privileges of English subjects 9 Jul 14

XCIII 20 Grant to James and Gilbert Montgomery, of Tullonefert, in Tyrone co. gent., And. Crerie of Findewoyre in Tyrone co., weaver, Robert Hamilton of Carickle in Tyrone co., gent. William Hamilton of Strabane, in Tyrone co. merchant, William Hamilton of Ballefetan in said co., gent. James Sharpe of Strebane in Tyrone co. gent., all of the Scotch nation that they be free from the yoke of Scotch or Irish servitude and enjoy all the rights and privileges of English subjects 17 Aug 14th

XCIV 20 Grant to John Hamilton of Raphoe esq., William Boell and John Boill of Moill, James Conyngham of Ballyachan gent, Claude Hamilton, Raphoe gent. all in Tyrone co John Wallace sen. and James Hatricke of Strabane in Tyrone co., Robert Russell of Londonderry John Keeland of the same, James Gibbe, Thomas Stephenson, John Stephenson jun., David Stephenson, John Stephenson sen., Thomas Stephenson, carpenter, John Stephenson jun., Thomas Cuthbertson, James Pooke, and James Hamilton of Strabane, merchants, And. Arnett, David Morison, and John McIltyre of Strabane, John Stephenson of Pakusbancke of Strabane, Matthew Corslaw, of Strabane, William Carmighell of Islandmchugh, John Power and William Rogers of Londonderry, merchants, James Cooper and Thomas Yonge. of Strabane. Claudius Hamilton of Clogher, in Tyrone co. clerk, William Gemble, Gilbert McCreaghane and Patrick McCraghan of Ballemagorie in Tyrone co, William Kennedy, carpenter, Alexander Craige, Peter Lawson, and John Henderson, tailor, of Strabane John Doninge, rufus Gabriel Simpson, David Lynn, John Lynn, Rob Miller, and Robert Granger, of Dunelonge in Tyrone co. William Paterson of Strabane, Andrew Lyon of Londonderry, and Arch McCraghan of Ballemagory in Tyrone co. all of the Scotch nation or descent &c as in the preceding article l7 Aug 14

LXIX 6 Grant to Robert Echlin a Scotchman by birth or descent that he be free from the yoke of the servitude of Scotland Ireland or any other nation and enjoy all the rights and privileges of an English subject 18 May 11 LXX 6 Similar Grant to the following persons, John Montgomerie of Ballymagorrie and Robert Cathcart of Ballymanoch in Tyrone

XCIII 16 Grant to Archibald Moore a scotchman by birth or descent that he be free from the yoke of the slavery of the Scotch or Irish nation and enjoy all the rights and privileges of an English subject 5 May 3rd

XXXVI 52 General Pardon for Donogh M'Edmond Kinsulaghe of Tyrone

X 26 Grant to the following persons Scotchmen by birth or descent that they be freed from the yoke of the servitude of the Scotch or Irish nation and enjoy all the rights and privileges of English subjects Dan. Adams of Ballemullin, Alex. Richardson of Balliarkie, William Pringle of Calligarrie, and James Ferry, of the Clary in Tyrone co, James Andrewe of Strabane, Robert Woolly of the same.

LXXXIII 38 Licence to the following persons to make and sell spirituous liquors during their lives Emanuel Ley esq. and Richard Waltham gent., in Augher town, and throughout Clogher barony in Tyrone co., the primate's lands excepted, and also in the manor of Largie commonly called the Three Ballibetaughes in the same co. 16 Dec 15

LXXXI 4 9 General Pardon for John Meeke of Dungannon in Tyrone co. esq. 29 May 16.

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