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The new Guestbook has been developed because on 6 Sep 2017 Rootsweb announced that they will be discontinuing their Guestbooks as of 13 Oct 2017. We have found this to be a valuable tool for our members, therefore, we kept the old entries. With the creation of our New Guestbook, we continue to offer this long-standing service.

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My grandparents Edward and Rebecca (Braiden) Barr were married in this church on July 13, 1909. I have been doing some research on line and looked up your church as I do have a copy of my grandparents marriage license. They came to Canada sometime after 1912 and before 1916. As I never met my grandmother, she passed in 1948, I love locating places that she inhabited. Thank you for this site. Keep up the great work.

Added: October 25, 2018
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Thank you, Len Swindley, for the Drumlegagh Presbyterian marriage list and the list of HOODs in NTS and Strabane. I'm tracking grandmother's ancestors.

Added: October 5, 2018
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I have several generations - both McBrayer & Montgomery from County Down. I would love to come back and research again. The librarian staff was so kind. But I would love a little history lesson of the families.

Added: September 30, 2018
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Ireland is in my blood! I am doing my genealogy and have hit a road block. I have a grandmother born 1776 Margaret McGinn who married Alexander Clark. Her father, I believe is a Daniel Mc Ginn who married an Eleanor Cassedy, but I can find nothing on Daniel. I know he had to have been born in the 1700's sometime. I am hoping someone can assist. And my bucket list? Is to visit Ireland! So far most relatives I have found are from Northern Ireland. Thank you for having this site.

Added: September 20, 2018
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Just a brief note to say thank you. I had the immense pleasure of visiting Co. Donegal and Co. Tyrone last year. Everyone I met, from the folks at the Ulster-American Center near Omagh, the folks at Monreagh Museum near Carrigans and even George, the shop-keepers father in Donegal Town all were so very kind, warm and welcoming. Amazing all!

My line comes down from one of the Rev. Francis Makemie’s brother John (siblings are Francis, Robert, John, and Anne). Research indicates their father went by the name Robert. Research also indicates the father was moved to Ulster, particularly the area around Ramelton/Rathmullan, as a boy from Inverness.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to join the group. Hope to be able to participate and contribute as much as possible.

Take care,


Added: June 21, 2018
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We have Exciting news I thought to share with anyone visiting our guest-book. Tammy has created an ulsterancestry mailing list.

This is a joint effort of the volunteers of CoTyrone and of Ulster Ancestry

to provide a mailing list for the genealogical discussion of The province of Ulster which incorporates the 6 counties of Northern Ireland
Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone

and 3 counties in the Republic of Ireland
Cavan, Donegal, and Monaghan

See you there!

Added: March 6, 2018
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I'm the admin. Just checking to see if the guestbook is working since we moved to our new server.

Admin reply: If anyone has problems posting. Please let me know. Tammy ancestry@ripandrevmedia.ca

Added: March 3, 2018
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Hello Visitors to our site and Guestbook. Currently the subscribe and unsubscribe functions of our mailing list are not working. However, it is possible to contact the Administrators of it, directly and they can perform those functions for you. Just click on "Discover Our Mailing List and Archives" for further information. Thank you & Happy Hunting ~ Teena

Admin reply: UPDATE: We have a new mail list, which includes all of Ulster Ireland. Please visit this page for more info on it:
* You can still visit the old Rootsweb archives from that page. (Once Rootsweb gets the mail lists back on line.)

We also have a Group on Facebook now at:


Added: December 8, 2017
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