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HACKETT to IRWINE Co. Tyrone Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

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HACKETT to IRWINE Co. Tyrone Deaths
As Reported In The Londonderry Sentinel 1829-1869

Original Information Compiled by Bruce Laird, Australia
Extracted by Teena

[? ] is used where there are two or more places with the same name and it is not clear which county the address belongs to.
Key - ult. last month - inst. this month - spellings as printed.

HACKETT Catherine

08 Jun 60

May 31, at Aghamilkin, The Forth, Clogher, Mrs. Catherine Hackett aged 60 years.


26 Jan. 64

January 15 at Omagh, Mr. Francis Hackett.


16 Mar. 69

March 10 at Castle Street Omagh, of consumption, Daniel eldest son of Mr. John Hackett aged 27 years.

HADDOCK James Mrs.

01 May 30

On Sunday Last near Caledon in the 95th year of her age, Mrs. Haddock relict of the late James Hadock, of Corlaght, county Tyrone, Esq. and mother of Major Haddock of the 97th Foot, who was killed by an elephant in the Island of Ceylon in June 1828.

HADDOCK Francis Carroll

01 Sep. 63

August 26, Francis Carroll Haddock, Belfast Bank, third son of the late John Haddock Esq. formerly of Corlough House, county Tyrone and late of the city of Armagh


19 Jul. 61

July 15 Anne third daughter of Mr. William Hagan, Creevagh, aged 19 years.


11 Sep. 57

On Tuesday, the 8th inst. in Gortin, Mr. Patrick Hagerty at the advanced age of 119 years.

HAIR William

28 Apr. 63

April 22 at his residence, Evish, William Hair aged 88 years


03 Jul. 47

On the 27th ult. of rheumatic fever, aged 42 Jane Mildred wife of William Hairs M.D. In the varied relations of life, as wife, mother and friend she has few to equal and none to surpass her. As a wife, she was kind and affectionate - as a mother, loving and indulgent, as a friend, amiable and steady. (?)


11 Jun. 42

On the 3rd inst. at Omagh, universally and deservedly regretted, Mr. James Halcro. In the different relations of husband, father and friend, he sustained the exalted and ennobling character of a true christian.


26 Apr. 64

On the 31st January last at Melbourne, Australia, a few days after his arrivel in that country, Robert son of the late Mr. James Halcro, Omagh.

HALCRO Elizabeth

10 Feb. 65

On the 8th February at Spiller Place, Omagh, Elizabeth relict of the late Mr. James Halcro.


27 Nov. 41

At Strabane on Friday the 12th inst. Mr. Hugh Haliday.

HALL Richard

05 Dec. 29

At Spring Hill on the 19th Nov. Mr. Richard Hall aged 88, a native of Yorkshire, the faithful and highly respected Steward of William Lennox Conyngham Esq. in whose family he had lived 33 years.

HALL Francis Rev.

28 Jan 32

On Monday last aged 85 the Rev. Dr. Francis Hall, for many years Rector of the Parish of Arboe county of Tyrone.

HALL Robert

31 May 50

On Saturday, 25th inst. at Fivemiletown in the 51st year of his age Mr. Robert Hall, merchant

HALL Sarah

14 Jul. 54

On the 13th inst. at an advanced age at the residence of her son in law, Mr. William Hatrick Market Street, in this City, Mrs. Sarah Hall relict of the late Robert Hall Esq. of Strabane. Her remains will be removed for interment in Strabane churchyard on Wednesday morning next at 9 o'clock.

HALL James Oliver

04 Jul. 56

June 26 at 105 Nelson Street, Tradeston, Glasgow, James Oliver Hall Esq. son of Thomas Hall Esq. Belleybeg House, county Tyrone.

HALL Jane Marion C.

29 Apr. 64

On the 22nd April at Clifton in the 68th year of her age, Jane Marion Christian youngest daughter of the late Venerable Archdeacon Hall D.D. Rector of Aughrim, county Galway, and of Arboe, county Tyrone.

HALL John Robert

25 Aug. 65

August 20 at 47 York Street, Dublin, John Robert fourth son of Thomas Hall Esq. Ballybeg House Coalisland, county Tyrone.

HALL Thomas James

11 Jun 69

June 6 at Moy Thomas James youngest child of Mr. James Hall, aged 6 months.

HALL James

12 Jul. 67

July 8 at his residence, Greevagh (?) James Hall aged 75 years.

HALL Mary A.

05 Oct. 55

August 15 at the residence of her father Mr. James Vance, formerly of Strabane, Mrs. Mary A. Hall aged 21 years wife of Mr. Thomas Hall.


14 Nov. 62

July 3, almost instantaneously, of wounds received in the battle of James River, Virginia, U.S., Ensign John Hamill son of the late Mr. John Hamill, Goland, county Tyrone.

HAMILTON Thomas Mrs.

17 Nov 32

On Tuesday, the 13th inst. after a short illness, Mrs. Hamilton, wife of Mr. Thomas Hamilton, Strabane.

HAMILTON Stewart Rev.

05 Jan. 33

On the 19th ult. at his residence, Miltown, the Rev. Stewart Hamilton, for eight and twenty years Incumbent of the populous parish of Strabane.

HAMILTON George Rev.

09 Mar. 33

On Friday the 1st inst. at Hampton Hall (?) in the 64th year of his age, the Rev. George Hamilton.


04 May 33

At Omagh on the 13th ult. Mrs. Mary Hamilton aged 60 years, relict of the late Robert Hamilton Esq. sen.


15 Jun. 33

On Thursday week the 6th inst. Miss Hamilton, daughter of James Hamilton Esq. of Strabane aged 18 years.


08 Feb 34

On Wednesday last, after a short illness, Mr. James Hamilton of Strabane, aged 54.


08 Mar 34

On Sunday morning last, at the advanced age of 82, Frances, relict of the late Claude Hamilton Esq. of Strabane and Monterlony.


21 Mar 35

On Monday se'nnight, very suddenly, Mrs. Hamilton, wife of the late Mr. James Hamilton of Strabane.


31 Oct 35

At the house of her brother in law, Dr. Hamilton, of Omagh, Mrs. Hamilton, relict of the late David Hamilton of Aughnacloy, Esq. aged 62 years.


25 Mar 37

At Strabane, on Friday last, James Hamilton Esq. Magistrate of the counties of Tyrone and Donegal.

HAMILTON Galbraith

03 Jun 37

On the 1st June, Galbraith Hamilton Esq. of Ballyfatton, county Tyrone, formerly of the city of Dublin, merchant.


16 Sep 37

Of consumption, on 17th ult., William Hamilton, medical student, son of Dr. Hamilton Dungannon.

HAMILTON Arthur Edward

01 Dec 38

November 19 at Beltrim, county Tyrone, Arthur Edward, son of Arthur Edward Willoughby Cole Hamilton Esq. aged one year.


07 Nov 40

On the 1st inst. after a painful illness, Mrs. Jane Hamilton, of Gortrush, Omagh, relict of the late James Hamilton Esq. of the Commissariat Department.


21 Nov 40

On Thursday the 19th inst. in her 34 year after a short illness, Margaret the beloved wife of the Rev. J. Hamilton, Crossroads, Omagh.


06 Feb 41

At Beragh, near Omagh, on the 5th inst., Mr. John Hamilton at the advanced age of 100 years.


06 Nov 41

At his house on Thursday the 21st October, Mr. Robert Hamilton aged 69, one of the oldest and most respectable merchants in Strabane, sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who were acquainted with him.


06 May 43

At Omagh, on the 27th ult. of hooping cough, Mary aged 4 years, and on the 29th ult. of the same disease, Isabella aged 2 years, the beloved children of John Hamilton jun. Esq. M.D.

HAMILTON Alexander

27 May 43

At Omagh, on Saturday, the 20th inst. of hooping cough, aged six months, Alexander only child of John Hamilton jun. M.D.


16 Sep 43

On Sunday, 3rd inst. after a very short illness, Mr. Andrew Hamilton of Aughascrily, county Tyrone aged 84 years.


07 Oct 43

On the 29th ult. suddenly James Hamilton Esq. formerly of Mulnagore Lodge, in the county of Tyrone and many years a merchant in Dublin


14 Oct 43

On Friday the 6th inst. in the 79th year of his age Charles Hamilton Esq. of Ballyfatton, county Tyrone, eldest and last surviving son of the late James Hamilton Esq. of Fortstewart, Ramelton, county Donegal.


21 Oct 43

At Strabane, on Sunday evening last, Mr. William Hamilton of Church Street.


06 Apr 44

At Woodend, near Strabane, on Friday fortnight Mrs. Hamilton relict of the late Mr. James Hamilton, aged 89 years.

HAMILTON Elizabeth

18 Jan 45

On Sabbath Morning the 5th inst. in Beragh, near Bessie Bell, aged 93 years Elizabeth relict of the late Mr. James Hamilton of said Place and mother of the Rev. John Hamilton, of Cappagh, Crossroads.


08 Nov 45

September 20, at Hazell Green, America, Francis Hamilton son of the late Galbraith Hamilton Esq. of Ballyfatten, Strabane.


10 Oct 46

On the 5th inst. at Ballyfatton House, in the 87th year of her age Margaret the beloved wife of James Hamilton Esq.


27 Mar 47

On the 25th inst., at the residence of her nephew, Woodside, Castlederg, Jane, relict of the late Rev. William Hamilton, formerly Curate of the parish of Termonamongan, aged 94 years.


29 Jan 48

On the 20th inst. after a short illness, Mr. James Hamilton aged (?). He was a Ruling Elder in the Congregation of Badoney.


22 Jul 48

July 13 at Donaghmore, county Tyrone, Anna eldest daughter of the Rev. Archibald Hamilton


19 May 49

April 29 at Clifton aged 80 years Mary relict of the Rev. Andrew Thomas Hamilton of Earlsgift, county Tyrone.

HAMILTON Archibald Rev.

30 Jun 49

June 20 at Donaghmore in the county of Tyrone, aged 77 years the Rev. Archibald Hamilton Incumbent of Derg, in the Diocese of Derry.


07 Jul 49

On the 27th ult., at the residence of his brother, Coagh, near Moneymore, Mr. Given Hamilton jun. aged 25 years.


12 Oct 49

On the 3rd inst. at George St. Dublin, George sixth son of Dr. Hamilton of Dungannon.


16 Nov 49

At Strabane, on the 8th inst. Isabella last surviving daughter of the late Claud Hamilton Esq. Miss Hamilton was the last of her race, in the elder branch, next to that of the Marquis of Abercorn, in direct descent from Claud Hamilton first Baron of Paisley; second cousin of the present Sir James John Hamilton of Woodbrook, county of Tyrone, Bart. and nearly related to the noblest blood in this part of Ireland.


08 Mar 50

At Strabane Ann youngest daughter of the late Mr. William Hamilton, merchant.


04 Oct 50

On the 3rd April at Geelong, Port Philip, William second son of the late Mr. Samuel Hamilton, Craig, near Claudy, aged 29 years.


11 Jul 51

On the 28th ult. Mary the wife of Dr. Hamilton sen. of Omagh.

HAMILTON George Capt.

23 Jul 52

At Greenwich, Brevet Captain George Hamilton of the 16th Lancers, son of the late Major James Hamilton of Grange, county Tyrone


20 Jan 54

On Thursday, the 12th inst. Maria youngest daughter of John Hamilton Esq. M.D. of Omagh, aged 4 years


12 Sep 56

At Gortmessan on the 16th ult. aged 54 years Mrs. Mary Hamilton relict of the late Dr. William Hamilton of this City.


03 Oct 56

On the 23rd ult. at Omagh, John Hamilton sen. Esq. surgeon, in his 67th year.


05 Dec 56

On the 27th ult. at Omagh suddenly, Dr. Hamilton aged 46.


05 Dec 56

November 28 at Clooney, the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Simpson, Margaret relict of the late Mr. Samuel Hamilton, Claudy, Strabane, aged 78 years.

HAMILTON Isabella Graves

20 Nov 57

On the 5th inst., Isabella Graves fifth daughter of Irwin Moore Hamilton Esq. Castlecaufield, aged 84 years.


22 Jan 58

On the 10th inst. at his residence Lakemount, county Tyrone, James Hamilton Esq. aged 60 years.


12 Feb 58

On Wednesday last Mary Ann eldest daughter of Mr. Hugh Hamilton, Front Street, Strabane.

HAMILTON Charlotte Jane

16 Dec 59

On the 8th December, of hooping cough, Charlotte Jane second daughter of J. Hamilton Esq. Northland Row, Dungannon, aged seven years.

HAMILTON Walter Rennick

31 May 61

May 27 at Eccles Green, Fintona, county Tyrone, Walter Rennick infant son of Mr. James Hamilton, aged 3 months.


14 Jun 61

June 8 of fever, Margaret eldest daughter of Mr. Claud Hamilton Killions, Mountfield, near Omagh, aged 25 years.

HAMILTON Henry Ludlow

16 Aug 61

August 7 at Ecclesgreen, Fintona, Henry Ludlow infant son of Mr. James Hamilton aged six months.


25 Oct 61

October 14 at his residence, Beragh, near Bessie Bell, Mr. Thomas Hamilton aged 77 years.

HAMILTON John Hazlett

31 Jan 62

January 22 at Ballyfatten, county Tyrone, after a lingering illness in the 24th year of his age John Hazlett second son of Dr. James Hamilton.


28 Feb 62

February 22 at Benbuniff, near Dunnemana, Mr. John Hamilton aged 16 years.


04 Apr 62

March 29 in Church Street, Strabane, Mr. James Hamilton of the firm of Messrs. Robert and James Hamilton.


13 Jun 62

June 8 at Woodend, Strabane, Thomas Hamilton Esq.


04 Jul 62

June 30, at Castlederg, Mr. Andrew Hamilton aged 73 years.


05 May 63

April 25 Mr. William Hamilton aged 94 years, being one of the oldest inhabitants of Strabane.


15 Mar. 64

March 10 at his residence, Northland Row, Dungannon, Dr. James Hamilton, after a short illness

HAMILTON Alexander

17 Jun 64

June 11 on board the ship Damascus in the East India Dock, London, on the home voyage from Sydney, New South Wales, Alexander second son of Mr. R. Hamilton, Laremore, Castlederg, aged 26 years.


05 Aug 64

July 27 at Moy county Tyrone, Mary, third child of the Rev. Robert Hamilton, aged 16 years.

HAMILTON Bessie McCrea

19 Dec 65

December 16, at Church Street, Strabane, Bessie McCrea, eldest daughter of Mr. William Hamilton, ironmonger.


16 Jan 66

January 11, at Dungannon, Thomas, second son of Mr. James Hamilton, aged 2 years.


02 Feb 66

December 11, on board the Oriental and Pensiluar steamship "Ottowha", of which he was second officer, on voyage to Hong Kong, where he was interred on the 14th December, William, third son of the late Thomas Hamilton, Esq., R.N (?)


08 Mar 67

On the 3rd March, at Dunbunraver, Matilda, the beloved wife of Mr. William Hamilton, and daughter of the late Samuel Dunn Esq. Plumbridge.


15 Mar. 67

March 3 after a short illness, Matilda the beloved wife of Mr. William Hamilton, of Liscable near Newtownstewart.


1 May 67

May 1, at Cavanalee, Strabane, Mary, wife of Mr. Robert Hamilton, aged 70 years.


28 Jun. 67

June 26, at his residence, Bishop Street, Londonderry, Mr. Robert Hamilton, bookseller.

HAMILTON John Eccles

16 Jul. 67

July 11 at Castle Lodge, Fintona, John Eccles Hamilton Esq. M.D., Surgeon R.N. aged 43 years.


16 Aug 67

On the 10th August, at the house of her son in law, Thomas Hamilton Esq. Grange, county Tyrone, Anne Smily Hamilton, widow of the late Rev. Archibald Hamilton of Mount Barnard, Castlederg, in the same County.

HAMILTON Walker Rennick

10 Dec 67

December 2, Walker Rennick youngest child of James Hamilton Esq. Eccles Green, Fintona, aged 4 years and 6 months.


24 Dec 67

December 22, Miss Anne Hamilton one of the most respected of the few remaining old natives of Newtownstewart.

HAMILTON Robert James

28 Jan 68

January 19 at his residence, Gloudstown, near Donemana, Robert James Hamilton aged 26 years.


03 Mar 68

January26 on board H.M.S. Barracoutta, Port Royal, Jamaica, of yellow fever, Thomas Hamilton Esq.Assistant Surgeon, The deceased was son of Mr. Thomas Hamilton Campsie, formerly merchant of Omagh and cousin of the late Dr. John Hamilton.


17 Mar 68

March 12 at Main Street, Strabane, Jane wife of Mr. Hugh Hamilton.


03 Apr 68

April 2 James Hamilton Esq. M.D. Ballyfatton House Strabane, aged 58 years.

HAMILTON Elizabeth Ann

18 Aug 68

August 12 at the residence of her son in law, Dr. W.M. Burke, 12 North Great George's Street, Dublin, in her 88th year, Elizabeth Ann relict of the Rev. Hugh Hamilton and daughter of the late Right Hon. John Staples of Lissan county Tyrone.


04 Dec 68

September 4 at Moiar, Gwalla, India, Quarter master Sergeant James Hamilton, 103rd Bombay Fusiliers, fourth son of Mr. John Hamilton, Castlederg, county Tyrone, aged 30 years.


08 Dec 68

November 23, at his residence, Laught, Castlederg, Mr. James Hamilton, aged 62 years.


05 Oct 69

Sept. 30 at his residence Newtownstewart, Dr. Hamilton R.N. in his 79th year.

HAMILTON Emily Catherine

23 Nov 69

Nov. 19 at Beltrim county Tyrone, Emily Catherine wife of Major A.W. Cole Hamilton, D.L. and fourth daughter of the late Rev. Charles Cobbe Beresford, aged 61 years.


23 Nov 69

Nov. 17 at the Vicarage, Dundalk, Emily wife of the Rev. Robert Hamilton late of Castlecaulfield county Tyrone, aged 41 years

HAMILTON Alexander

14 Dec 33

At Omagh on Wednesday last the 11th inst. aged 20 years, Alexander second son of Dr. Hamilton of that Town.

HAMILTON William Mrs.

31 Aug 39

At Strabane on Thursday last, Mrs. Hamilton, relict of the late William Hamilton Esq. of that Town at an advanced age of 97.


18 Oct. 50

On the 8th inst. after a lingering illness, Sarah wife of Mr. James Hamilton, Droit near Newtownstewart, aged 32 years.


01 Nov. 50

On the 23rd ult., at his father's residence in Dungannon, Mr. John Hamilton surgeon.


23 Mar. 60

March 12, at her mother's residence, Derrychrear, Mary Anne the beloved wife of Mr. John Hamilton Magheracolton, Newtownstewart


09 Oct. 63

October 6 at Ardmore Mr. Samuel Handcock, aged 20 years.


29 Jun. 66

June 24 at Dungannon, Edna wife of Mr. Thomas Hancock aged 73 years.


05 Sep. 62

At his residence, 348, East Twelfth Street, New York, Felix Hanlon, a native of the Parish of Killiman in the county of Tyrone, aged 60 years.

HANNA Margaret

18 Jan. 50

At Whitehouse near Carrigans, at an advanced age, Margaret relict of the late Mr. Samuel Hanna

HANNA Margaret

07 Feb. 68

February 2 at Denamona, Fintona, Margaret wife of Mr. Christy Hanna aged 39 years.


12 Oct. 69

Oct. 7 at Main Street Newtownlimavady, Maria Hanna aged 79 years, for 52 years a faithful and attached servant of the Olphert family.

HANNA Isabella

02 Nov. 60

October 3 at Philadelphia, U.S., Isabella third daughter of Mr. William Thompson of this City, and wife of Mr. David Hanna of Philadelphia, late of Newtownlimavady, Ireland.


04 Jul. 51

At Strabane on the 29th ult. Mr. Robert Hannah. At a very early age he joined the Wesleyan Society and was for many years, the class leader and circuit stewart.


27 Sep. 61

September 23 as a result of drowning in the River Foyle, David Hannigan. He leaves a wife and two children.


02 Dec. 48

On the 16th ult., at Boulogne sur Mer, Thomas Knox Hannyngton Esq., the Castle, Dungannon, aged 85 years

HANSON James Rev.

14 Jun 61

May 22 at Donoughmore, county Tyrone, the Rev. James Hanson Pastor of the Independent Church of Donoughmore since its origin in 1840.


21 Mar 62

March 12 at 17 Ship Street, Belfast, Mrs. Mary Hanson relict of the late James Hanson of Donaghmore, in the county Tyrone


12 Dec. 51

September 9th at the Gambia, of fever, John Hardy Esq. Lieutenant in the 3rd West India Regiment, son of Charles Hardy Esq. late of Coalisland, county Tyrone


15 May 68

May 12, at the residence of her son in law, Rathgar Road, Dublin, in her 80th year, Mary widow of the late Charles Hardy Esq. Coalisland, county Tyrone.

HARDY Alexander

19 Nov. 69

Nov. 17 at Ranesse, near Fintona, Alexander Hardy Esq., Diocesan Architect, aged 40 yrs


15 Feb 34

In Omagh on Tues. morning last very suddenly Mr. James Harkin merchant aged 28 years.

HARKIN Michael

23 May 40

In Omagh on the 16th of May, Michael Harkin Esq. M.D. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

HARKIN Margaret

08 Apr. 48

On Saturday 1st inst. Margaret second daughter of Mr. John Harkin, Abercorn Arms, Omagh.


31 Oct. 56

On the 23rd inst. after a protracted illness, Mr. John Harkin of the Abercorn Arms Hotel Omagh.

HARKIN Catherine

20 Apr. 69

April 17 suddenly, at Omagh, Mrs. Catherine Harkin.


09 Jun. 63

May 29 at the residence of her son, Stewartstown, Lydia relict of the late Rev. William Harkness, of Sandholes.


21 Apr. 49

October 22 Thomas Harper Esq. of Cecil Hills, New South Wales and formerly of Lime Park, county Tyrone and of College Square, Belfast


05 Nov. 58

On the 13th ult., of consumption, Grace, second daughter of Mr. James Harper, of Speerholm, aged 21 years.


11 Jul. 56

On the 5th inst. at her father's house Mr. John Graham of Coolkeeragh, after a lingering illness Anne the beloved wife of Mr. James Harpur, of Drumquin, merchant, aged 31 years.

HARPUR Janetta

30 Nov 60 November 22 at Aughnacloy, Janetta wife of the Rev. Edward Harpur, and daughter of the late James Craig Esq. M.P.


27 Aug. 68

August 21 at Aughearon, near Killeter, Mr. John Harpur aged 67 years.


01 Aug. 40

On Saturday, the 25th inst. Mr. William Harrison of Cumber near Fintona, in the 81st year of his age.


28 Apr. 49

April 13th the Rev. Henry Harte, Incumbent of Cappagh diocese of Clogher and ex Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. He died suddenly, of affection of the heart. The living, a very valuable one, is in the gift of Trinity College.

Harvey Elizabeth

30 Dec. 48

On the 5th inst. in London, Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey second daughter of the late Thomas Harvey Esq. of Newry, formerly of Greenhill, county Tyrone.

HARVEY Thomas H.

18 Apr. 51

On the 9th inst. at the residence of his father, Dr. Harvey, 3 William Place Dungannon Mr. Thomas Hamilton Harvey, officer of Inland Revenue, Ireland, aged 24 years.

HARVEY Elizabeth

23 May 51

On the 11th inst. at Deverney, near Omagh, Elizabeth the beloved wife of Mr. Alexander Harvey, in the 26th year of her age after a few days illness

HARVEY Elizabeth

24 Jan. 62

December 30 at New York, Elizabeth Harvey a native of county Tyrone in her sixty-second year.

HARVEY Matilda

19 Feb. 67

February 14 at Rose Cottage, Greencastle, Matilda, fifth daughter of Major Harvey, aged 13 years.

HARY Major

05 Jun. 68

June 2 at Greencastle, Major Hary aged 52 years.


17 Sep. 67

September 14 at her father's residence, Ruskey, near Donemana, Mary 2nd daughter of Mr. Edward Haslette.


16 Dec. 53

On the 10th ult. at New York, Mary Ann the wife of John B. Hassett a native of Omagh county Tyrone, aged 21 years.


28 Oct. 67

October 24 at Edenreagh, Mr. John Hasson aged 27 years.


31 Jan. 35

On the 24th inst., in the 98th year of her age, Mrs. Jane Hatrick, relict of the late Mr. William Hatrick, Thornhill, parish of Donaghady


24 Dec. 52

At Donnylong, on the 17th inst., Mr. Joshua Hatrick, aged 36 years.


14 Nov. 51

At the residence of the Rev. W.S. Cuthbert near Omagh, on Saturday last, Mrs. Hawkins aged 75 years.


25 Oct 61

October 22 at Newtownstewart, Miss Hawkshaw.

HAY John

10 Dec 58

On the 6th inst. at Lough Enagh, (?) Mr. John Hay aged 80 years.

HAY Sarah

11 Apr 62

March 28 at Plumbridge, Sarah the beloved wife of Mr. John Hay aged 80 years.

HAY Anne

19 May 68

On the 14th May at her residence, Lough Enagh, (?) Anne Hay aged 68 years.

HAYDEN William

03 Aug 69

August 1 at the Manor House, Ruskey, (?) William youngest son of the late Venerable John Hayden some time Archdeacon of Derry, aged 31 years


22 Apr 43

At Half Town, Ballylattos, near Strabane, Mrs. Hayes wife of Mr. Hayes, of said place.

HAYES Martha

12 Dec 51

At Ballyfatton near Strabane on Friday last, Martha relict of the late Robert Hayes Esq.

HAYES William

19 Mar 58

At Balltfatten near Strabane, Mr. William Hayes after a short illness.


13 Oct 65

October 8 at the residence of the Rev. N. Stephens, Lennymore, Gortin, John Hugh only son of the late John Hazleton Esq. Of Shrewsbury, England, in his 19th year.


18 Aug 68

August 14 at Lambfield, Dungannon, county Tyrone, Mr. Edward Hazleton aged 91 years.

HAZLETT James Rev.

28 Jan 37

At Dunnemana on Saturday last, the Rev. James Hazlett, curate of the parish of Donagheady.

HAZLETT William S. Rev.

20 Sep 45

On the 8th ult. at his father's house, near Newtownhamilton, Rev. William S. Hazlett Minister of the Second Presbyterian Congregation of Strabane after a long and painful illness.

HAZLETT George Mrs.

13 Sep 64

September 1 at Fawney, Mrs. George Hazlitt aged 81 years.

HAZLETT Elizabeth

09 Jun 65

June 2 at her father's residence, Binn, (?) Elizabeth Hazlett aged 18 years.

HEADY Catherine

11 Apr 62

April 2, at her residence 1 Abbey Street, Omagh, Mrs Catherine Heady aged 64 years


20 Oct 65

October 4, at his residence, Drumnabeg, Castlederg, Oliver Healey Esq. aged 28 years


05 Dec 56

At Edymore near Strabane on the 30th ult. aged 84 years, Mr. Patrick Hegarty, cattle dealer.


27 Aug 69

August 22, at Killenan, Mary Hegarty aged 65 years.


01 Feb 40

At the age of 21 years, at Langhill, on the 26th ult., Charles Hemphill, son of Mr. Charles Hemphill, sen., after a protracted illness.

HEMPHILL Charles James

01 Feb 40

At Ozark, in the state of Arkansas, North America, last October, Charles James Hemphill Esq. counseller at law, and youngest son of the Rev. Charles Hemphill, Presbyterian Minister of Badoney.

HEMPHILL Elizabeth

12 Sep 56

On the 29th ult. Elizabeth, aged 13 years, daughter of the late Mr. William Hemphill of Sessagh, Castlederg.


12 Sep 56

On the 1st inst. Jane, aged 17 years, daughter of the late Mr. William Hemphill of Sessagh, Castlederg.


28 May 58

On the 3rd inst. Mrs. Hemphill, of Straw, near Newtownstewart, in the 84th year of her age. She was the eldest daughter of Mr. William McFarland, of Learden, who married Maria, the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Buchanan, of Tattyreagh, near Omagh and was the first cousin to the Hon. James Buchanan, now President of America.


07 Mar 65

On the 24th February, at Tullywhisker, Mr. James Hemphill aged 68 years.

HEMPHILL Elizabeth

04 Dec 66

November 28, at Castlesessaugh, Castlederg, Elizabeth relict of the late Mr. William Hemphill aged 62 years


19 Dec 40

On the 7th inst. of water in the head, Martha Caldwell, second daughter of the Rev. John Henderson, Presbyterian Minister of Aughnacloy aged 3 years and 4 months.


01 Jul 43

On the 9th ult. Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Henderson, Coagh county Tyrone


28 Oct 48

At Strabane on Wednesday, the 25th inst., Margaret, third daughter of Mr. Joseph Henderson.


13 Feb 57

On the 3rd inst. at his residence, Scarvahern near Castlederg, in the 56th year of his age, Mr. John Henderson son of the Rev. James Henderson, late of Magheracriggan.


09 Apr 58

On Sunday the 4th inst. at Castlederg, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. William Henderson


24 Oct 62

October 16 at Drumsough, Margaret relict of the late Mr. Edward Henderson, Coagh, county Tyrone.


05 Jun 63

May 28, at the residence of Mr. Samuel Murdock, Monaghan, Mr. James Henderson, formerly of Caledon aged 75 years


23 Dec 63

On the 15th December, at Woodend Cottage, Strabane, after giving birth to a son prematurely, Emma the beloved wife of Mr. John Henderson


29 Aug 65

August 25 at Coalisland, Dungannon, Annie Marie, fourth daughter of Mr. William Henderson aged 13 years


01 Mar 67

February 27 at Coalisland, county Tyrone, Sarah third daughter of Mr. William Henderson.


12 Mar 67

March 6 at Castlederg, Mr. William Henderson aged 83 years.


19 Mar 67

March 16 at Railway Cottage, Strabane, Robert Henderson Esq. Civil Engineer, aged 56 years.


01 Nov 67

October 29 at Shannon, near Strabane, Mr. James Henderson aged 79 years.


28 May 69

May 25, at her residence, Warbleshinny, Matilda Henderson aged 75 years.


03 Aug 69

July 31, Mrs. Henderson, wife of John Henderson Esq. Sherrygroom House, Dungannon.


10 Aug 33

On the 27th ult., at Strabane, William Hendrick Esq. in his 68th year, Officer of Excise and father of Surgeon Hendrick of the 34th Regiment.


13 Jun 35

Last week, after a short illness, Miss Hendrick, daughter of the late Dr. Hendrick, of Strabane.

HENDRY William

28 Jan 43

At Exchange Buildings, Templehill, Troon, on the 11th inst., Mr. William Hendry, having nearly arrived at the patriarchal age of 100. He was a member of the Volunteers, who assembled at Londonderry in the year 1778, and originally belonged to the Parish of Cappagh, county Tyrone

HENRY R. Lieut Col.

20 Jun 35

At Woodend House, R. Henry Esq. late Lieutenant Colonel 21st Fusiliers.

HENRY Robert

12 May 38

On the 6th inst. after a few days illness, Robert Henry Esq. M.D., of Bright, near Stewartstown, he was a fond husband, a kind and indulgent parent.

HENRY Elizabeth

09 Oct 41

At Portstewart, on the 2nd inst. in the 55th year of her age, whither she had gone for the benefit of her health, Elizabeth, relict of the late Robert Henry, Esq. M.D. Bray, county Tyrone and daughter of the late Captain Thomas Cuppage, Ballycastle

HENRY William

14 Apr 63

April 7, at the residence of Mrs. Booth, near Omagh, William Henry Esq., brother of the President of Queen's College Belfast, aged 68 years.

HENRY Daniel

29 Dec 63

December 22, at Cookstown, Daniel, youngest son of Bernard Henry Esq., aged one year and ten months.

HENRY John McW Dr.

18 Nov64

Nov. 8, at Pomeroy, Dr. John McW. Henry, son of Robert Henry Esq. M.D., aged 23 years

HENRY Robert Mrs.

20 Nov 66

November 13, at Pomeroy, the wife of Robert Henry Esq. M.D.

HENRY Margaret Akin

26 Mar 67

March 21, at Omagh, Margaret Akin Henry, aged 15 years, daughter of Mr. Thomas Henry merchant.


21 May 69

May 16, at Omagh, Susan, sixth daughter of Mr. Thomas Henry, of Omagh, aged 7 years.


08 Jun 60

On the 27th May, at the residence of her son in law, Drybridge Street, Omagh, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Francis Hepburn, aged 75 years.


03 Aug 69

At his residence Main Street, Strabane, Mr. John Hepburn, carpenter, aged 64 years, formerly of Stranorlar


18 Jun 58

On the 9th inst. Eliza, wife of the Rev. James Herbert, Methodist Minister, aged 50 yrs.

HERBERT James Rev.

08 Oct 58

On the 5th inst. at Fivemiletown, Rev. James Herbert, Primitive Methodist Minister

HERBERT William Rev.

08 Aug 62

July 29, at the residence of his son, Francis Herbert Esq. of Tettyreagh, Fivemiletown, the Rev. William Herbert, Primitive Wesleyan minister in his 93rd year.


11 Jan 56

At Sion Mills, on the 5th inst., George Herdman, Esq., aged 43 years.

HERDMAN Isabella

07 Nov 62

October 30 at Castleton (?) Isabella, only daughter of Mr. William Herdman aged 4 yrs.


04 Mar 59

At Castlemellon Parish of Donagheady, on Mon. last, Mr James Heylands at an advanced age.


02 Nov 49

Suddenly, at Strabane, Mr. John Higgins, formerly of Dungannon.


14 Jun 64

June 6, after a short illness at the residence of his late sister, Sandymount, Dungannon, Luke Higgins, Esq.


06 Oct 65

October 1 at Castle Hill, Dungannon, Mary relict of the late Samuel C. Higgins Esq.

HILL Joseph

02 May 46

At his residence Mullaghmenagh, near Omagh on Sunday, the 26th ult., Mr. Joseph Hill at the advanced age of 88 years.

HILL George

25 Mar 48

On the 20th March, aged 31 years, Mr. George Hill, of Mullaghmena,Omagh.

HILL Nancy

11 Oct 50

On the 6th inst. at the residence of Mr. Buchanan, of Stranghroy, Nancy Hill, at the advanced age of 104 years. She had the use of all her faculties until the period of her death and was not known to have had a day sick during her long life. She came to reside in Mr. Buchanan's family as a servant, upwards of fifty years and has lived under four generations of that family. Having been unmarried, her remains were borne to the new graveyard at Cappagh, by the young girls of the neighbourhood.

HILL George

25 Feb 53

Feb. 13 at Cookstown, of fever, George Hill jun. Esq. Sub Inspector of Constabulary, aged 20 years.

HILL George

11 Nov 53

At Douglas, Isle of Man, George Hill Esq. J.P., formerly Captain in the 88th Regiment of Foot, formerly of Lislimnaghan, county Tyrone.

HILL Magdaline

26 Dec 56

On the 11th inst. aged 79 years, at her residence, Mullamena, near Omagh, Magdaline, the relict of the late Mr. Joseph Hill and the mother of the Rev. James Hill, for some time a clergyman in this Diocese.

HILL Alexander

19 Oct 60

September 22, at his residence, Gortmellon, Alexander Hill formerly of Baranscourt, near Newtownstewart, at the advanced age of 85 years. He was a member of the last volunteer corps of Ireland, under the Marquis of Abercorn.


02 Dec 64

November 27 at Gortmallon (?) Miss Jane Hill aged 48 years.


28 Apr 68

April 17 at her father's residence, Upper Langfield, Mary, the beloved daughter of John Hill Esq. aged 15 years.


06 Feb 47

At the house of Mr. Oliver Crawford, of Pubble near Newtownstewart, on the 21st ult. Mrs. Jane Hobcroft aged 68 years, after a protracted illness.

HOGG John Rev.

19 Dec 46

On the 5th inst. at Crevagh, in the 52nd year of his age and for 31 years Minister of the Presbyterian congregation of Carlan, county Tyrone, the Rev. John Hogg.

HOGG James

19 Jun 47

On Sunday, the 13th inst. aged 78 years, Mr. James Hogg, of Ballydawley near Coagh.

HOGG Margaret

25 Nov 48

On the 19th Nov. at Anahavil, aged 47 years, Margaret, relict of the late William Hogg Esq. and only daughter of the late Rev. John Cowan, Presbyterian Minister of Coagh.

HOGG Isabella

27 Feb 52

At her residence, Ballydawley, on Wednesday the 18th inst. Isabella, relict of the late Mr. James Hogg

HOGG Robert

10 Dec 69

Dec. 7 at his residence Haltree, Heriot, N.B., Mr. Robert Hogg. (?)


30 Mar 44

In Strabane, on the 23rd inst. aged 73 years, Anne relict of the late Mr. Patrick Holiday

HOLLAND Margaret

07 Aug 57

On the 27th May, at the Globe Inn, Melbourne, after a protracted illness, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. John Holland and daughter of Mr. Andrew Macklin Newtownstewart, Ireland.

HOLMES John Rev.

12 Nov 31

On Saturday the 5th inst. at his residence in Brosney, the Rev. John Holmes, a Minister of the Gospel for 52 years of the Second Congregation of the Parish of Donagheady, aged 77 years

HOLMES William

26 May 32

On Tuesday the 15th inst. in the 63rd year of his age, William Holmes Esq. of Strabane, deservedly regretted.


03 May34

In Strabane on Tuesday last after a short illness, Mr. John Holmes an old and respected inhabitant


24 Sep 36

At Omagh on the 17th inst. Mrs. Eliza Holmes, aged 72 years.

HOLMES William Mrs.

22 Feb 40

At Dungannon on the morning of the 17th inst. after giving birth to a fine boy, Mrs. Holmes wife of William Holmes Esq. formerly of Londonderry


21 Oct 43

At Kussowlle, Bengal, on the 19th June last, Julia, wife of Lieutenant Holmes, daughter of Sir Robert H. Sale and relict of the late Lieutenant George Dysart. (?)


08 Jun 44

At Philadelphia on the 30th of April, Edward Holmes who was a native of Strabane.


20 Jun 46

On the 19th inst. Mrs. Mary Holmes relict of the late Nathaniel Holmes Esq., Moyard, county Tyrone.


24 Oct 46

At Moyard, near Benburb on Thursday, the 8th inst. Robert Holmes Esq. aged 43 years.

HOLMES Isabella

12 May 49

At Strabane on Saturday, the 5th inst. Isabella, relict of William Holmes Esq. aged 76.


06 Feb 52

At Strabane on Sunday evening last, James Holmes Esq., Naveny, at the advanced age of 92.


24 Feb 54

On Thursday the 16th inst. Mr. Robert Holmes of Omagh, in the 86th year of his age.

HOLMES William

21 May 58

On the 10th inst. at his residence, Barnhill House, Stewartstown, William Holmes Esq. Sessional Crown solicitor for the county of Tyrone.


10 May 64

May 4 at Omagh, Mr. Robert Holmes aged 56 years.


12 Jun 66

June 10 at his residence, Strandbrosny, John Holmes Esq. J.P. aged 84 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the Leckpatrick Burying Ground, on Wednesday morning, 13th inst. at ten o'clock.


16 Oct 66

October 11 of pulmonary disease, Jane, daughter of the late Mr. Nataniel Holmes of Moyard, county Tyrone.


19 Oct 66

October 11 at her residence, Abbey Street, Armagh, Jane, daughter of the late David Holmes of Moyard, county Tyrone.


21 Sep 49

On the 3rd inst. at Ballyderowen, Burt, Mrs. Mary Holmes relict of the late Rev. John Holmes of Donagheady, aged 84 years.


19 Sep 62

September 17 Mr. Robert Holmes of Strabane.


09 Aug 45

On Wednesday last, in Back Street Newtownstewart, in the 29th year of her age, Mary wife of Mr. Samuel Hood.


21 Jan 53

At Newtownstewart on the 15th inst., after a few day's illness of an inflammation, Jane the beloved wife of Samuel Hood.


28 Jan 53

At Newtownstewart on the 15th inst., after a few days illness of inflammation, Jane the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Hood.


11 Dec 57

At Lisnatunny near Newtownstewart, on Sunday evening 6th inst., Mr. John Hood aged 85 years.

HOOD Samuel

26 Sep 62

September 20 at his residence, near Dungannon, Samuel Hood aged 99 years.


12 Jul 64

On the 5th July at the residence of her son, Lisnatunney, Newtownstewart, Mrs. Anne Hood the relict of the late Mr. John Hood, aged 90 years.


21 Nov 62

November 14 at Crew, near Ballygawley, Mr. Samuel Hopper aged 67 years.

HOPPS Joseph

09 Jan 66

On the 3rd January at Derrygooly, Caledon, Joseph, son of Mr. John Hopps.

HORNER Frances Nugent

27 Aug 52

August 10 at Killishil Rectory, county Tyrone, Frances Nugent daughter of the Rev. R.N. Horner

HORNER Gisborne

05 May 68

April 28 at Caledon, county of Tyrone, Captain Gisborne Horner, half Pay 12th Regiment, aged 33 years.

HOUGHTON George Powell

20 Mar 63

March 10 at Finn Coul Lodge, Carrickmore, county Tyrone, the residence of his son in law, Sir John Marcus Stewart Bart., George Powell Houghton J.P. D.L. county Wexford, late of Kilmannock House in that County, Esq. in his 50th year.


21 Jun 34

At Cavanalee near Strabane, on Monday last, after a lingering illness, Mr. Thomas Houston aged 74.


20 Dec 34

At Cavanalee, near Strabane, on Tuesday morning week, after a lingering illness, Jane youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Houston, of the same place.


07 Jul 38

At Killyclooney, in the parish of Donagheady, on Wednesday the 20th ult., Mr. Thomas Houston aged 68 years. He discharged the relative duties of husband, father and friend with fidelity.


17 Jan 51

At her residence Omagh, on Sabbath evening the 12th inst., aged 33 years, Rosanna, the beloved wife of Mr. John Houston, merchant.

HOUSTON Houston Irwin

24 Oct 51

At Ballyhallaghan near Sixmilecross, on the 13th inst., Houston Irwin Houston Esq., aged 26 years.


10 Mar 54

At her residence, Gortin, on the 28th ult., aged 76 years, Jane, relict of the late Rev. James Houston, of Ballindrate


24 Oct 56

On the 3rd inst. Anne Jane, only daughter of Mr. James Houston, Eden, Plumbridge co. Tyrone.


09 May 62

May 5, at Oakley Villa, Hamilton, N.B., Claude Houston Esq., Captain Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, Coneywarren House, Omagh, aged 28 years.


28 Jul 63

On the 15th July, at Eden, near Plumbridge, Mr. James Houston aged 63 years


23 Mar 66

March 19, at her residence, Mountcastle, Margery Houston aged 70 years.


14 Sep 55

September 9th, at his residence, Conneywarren House, Omagh, Thomas Houston Esq., J.P. aged 62.


24 Apr 47

On Sunday the 11th inst., at Moyle, near Newtowncunningham, aged 35, Matilda the beloved wife of Mr. John Hueston and second daughter of the late Mr. Robert Dunn, Ardstraw.


28 Jan 32

At Erganagh, on the 21st inst., Mrs. Huey aged 78, sincerely and deservedly regretted by a numerous circle of acquaintances and friends.

HUEY Charles

21 May 52

On the 14th inst. at the residence of his father, Erganagh, near Castlederg, after a severe illness occasioned by disease of the heart and dropsy, Mr. Charles Huey, agriculturist to the Most Noble the Marquis of Abercorn for upwards of ten years


05 Feb 31

At his father's house, in Strabane, on the 1st inst., after a lingering illness, Robert, eldest son of Mr. Samuel Hughes, merchant, aged 21 years

HUGHES Margaret

28 Dec 33

In this City, on Thursday week, the 19th inst. Miss Margaret Hughes, formerly of Strabane.

HUGHES Elizabeth

08 Mar 34

At Greenfield, near Strabane, on the morning of the 2nd ult., Elizabeth wife of Samuel Hughes Esq., aged 43 years.

HUGHES Michael

21 Jan 37

On Saturday last, Mr. Michael Hughes of Strabane, aged 83.


06 Jul 39

At Strabane on Wednesday last, Mr. Andrew Hughes, nursery and seedsman.


10 Apr 47

On the 20th ult., at the residence of his son, Bush Mount, near Dungannon, Samuel Hughes Esq. late of Strabane.


01 May 57

At Strabane, Miss Hughes daughter of the late Mr. Patrick Hughes, teacher, of Strabane


18 Jan 61

At Ballylisk, near Tandragee, of consumption, Joseph Hughes son of the late Mr. Samuel Hughes, of Greenfield, Strabane, aged 33 years.

HUGHES William

15 May 63

On the 29th April, on board the City of Baltimore steamship, on the homeward voyage from New York, William Hughes Esq., of Dungannon.

HUGHEY Rebecca

09 Jun 65

May 30 at Altamullen, Rebecca, youngest and beloved daughter of Mr. James Hughey, aged 24 years.


02 Jul 67

June 28 at Aughafad, near Donemana, Mr. George Hughey aged 55 years.

HUME Robert Rev.

31 Aug 49

August 27, the Rev. Robert Hume, Rector of Urney.


07 Mar 62

On the 3rd inst., at Grove House, near Bristol, Mary, widow of the late Rev. Robert Hume of 63 Dawson Street, Dublin and Rector of Urney, county of Tyrone


21 Jan 59

January 3, at Tullamore, at the residence of her father, H. W. Wray Esq., Inspector of the King's County Constabulary, Mrs. B. Humfrey wife of Captain Humfrey, the son of Colonel Humfrey of Strabane, aged 26 years.

HUMFREY Benjamin Geale

07 Feb 65

February 2 in Dublin, after twelve hours' illness, aged 71 years Benjamin Geale Humfrey, Lieutenant Colonel of Cavanacor, county Donegal, J. P. for the Counties Tyrone and Donegal.

HUMPHERYS William Edward

16 Jun 63

On the 12th June at Miltown House, Strabane, William Edward second son of T. William D. Humpherys Esq., aged four years and eleven months.

HUMPHERYS Louis Alexander S.

18 Aug 63

August 14 at Milltown House, Strabane, Louis Alexander Stewart fourth surviving child of T. W. D. Humpherys Esq., aged one year and seven months


23 Jan 36

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Charles Humphreys of Strabane, aged 70 years.

HUMPHERYS James Hamilton

29 Jan 58

On Friday the 22nd inst., at Millton House, Strabane, James Hamilton, infant son of William Humphreys Esq., aged 6 months


05 Mar 69

March 3, at Milltown House, Strabane, Mary, infant daughter of T.W.D. Humphreys, Esq.

HUMPHRYS Charles Mrs.

25-May-33 In Strabane, on Wednesday week, the 15th inst., after a lingering illness, Mrs. Humphrys, wife of Mr. Charles Humphrys, innkeeper.

HUMPHRYS Carberry A.

25 Apr 35

On the morning of Thursday the 14th inst., at the age of 4 years, Carberry Alexander youngest son of Major Humphrys, Provost of Strabane.


26 Sep 29

On Monday last, Vere Hunt Esq of Cappah, died as the result of a shooting accident.

HUNT Elizabeth

02 Feb 39

In Omagh, on the 30th January, suddenly at the house of her brother, Alexander McCausland Esq., Elizabeth wife of Edward Hunt Esq., C.C.P. and second daughter of the late Major McCausland.


04 Sep 30

At Sion on Thursday week, after a lingering illness, Mr. George Hunter.


23 Jul 31

On 30th June last at Mountjoy, near Stewartstown, in the 95th year of his age, John Hunter Sen. Esq. He was for more than 60 years engaged to the line (linen?) business


02 Mar 33

On Thursday week the 21st ult., of consumption Mr. Hugh Hunter, son of the late Mr. George Hunter, Sion.

HUNTER Anne Jane

15 Jun 33

At Sion near Strabane, on Monday the 10th inst., of a rapid decline, Miss Anne Jane Hunter daughter of the late Mr. George Hunter, of said place.

HUNTER Charles

23 Jul 36

On Thursday evening the 21st inst., at Ballykeel, near Newtownstewart, in the 46th year of his age Mr. Charles Hunter.


06 Aug 42

At Strabane, on Wednesday the 27th ult., in the 58th year of his age, Doctor Hunter of Ramelton


03 Jul 47

In Bell's Park, (?) in the parish of Urney, on Friday last, Mr. Andrew Hunter.


29 Apr 48

On the 10th inst. aged 29 years, Mr. Joseph Hunter of Hunterstown (?) parish of Urney.


16 Sep 48

At Liskinbony, near Strabane, on Thursday the 31st ult., in the 80th year of her age, Ann relict of Mr. James Hunter, formerly of Strabane.


11 Oct 50

On the 8th inst., after a protracted illness at his residence Beragh, Omagh, Robert Hunter in the 60th year of his age.


02 Jul 58

On Sunday last at Cavanalee, near Strabane, Miss Mary Hunter.

HUNTER William

27 May 59

On Thursday last at Cavanalee, Strabane, Mr. William Hunter.

HUNTER Rebecca

11 Nov 59

On the 5th inst., Rebecca wife of Mr. James Hunter of Mountjoy, aged 77 years.


15 Aug 65

July 27, in New York, Mary Hunter aged 25 years, a native of Omagh, county Tyrone.

HUNTER Charles

06 Feb 66

December 25, at New York, Charles third son of the late Mr. Robert Hunter, Beagh, county Tyrone, aged 45 years.


19 Mar 69

March 14 at his residence, Mountjoy, Stewartstown, James Hunter Esq. son of the late John Hunter Esq. Green Hill, Aghadoey, Coleraine.


03 Sep 69

Sept. 1 at Hunterstown, Urney, of inflamation, Andrew Hunter aged 30 years.

HUSTON Ezekiel

24 Jan 35

On Tuesday last on his return from the market of Strabane, very suddenly, Mr. Ezekiel Huston, of Ballaught, parish of Ardstraw.


31 Jul 41

On the morning of the 11th July, in the 72nd year of her age and after protracted suffering Mary Huston, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Huston, of Killycloony, county Tyrone.

HUSTON William

26 Mar 42

On Wednesday last at Drumabuoy, near Strabane, Mr. William Huston.


23 Jul 42

Suddenly on Wednesday last, at Woodend, near Strabane, Mrs. Huston, after giving birth to twins.


30 Dec 53

On the 18th inst., aged 54 years, Mr. John Huston of Woodend, near Strabane.


31 May 61

On the 27th May, at Stragullon, near Strabane, Mrs. Huston aged 55 years.


09 Nov 66

November 6, Jane relict of the late James Huston, Edenreagh, aged 86 years.

HUTCHINSON Henry Richard

22 Feb 50

On the 16th inst, at Muff, near Cookstown, of water on the brain, Henry Richard infant son of Dr. H. Hutchinson.


06 Feb 63

January 28 at Goneen, county Longford, Robert third son of Mr. Robert Hutchinson, Gortvilly, county Tyrone, and brother of the Rev. L. Hutchinson, Belfast.


20 Feb 57

On the 28th ult. at Sydney Cottage, near Belleville, Canada West, in the 29th year of his age Joseph Hutton, barrister at law, only son of William Hutton Esq., Secretary, Boards of Agriculture and Statistics, Toronto, and formerly of Grange Foyle, in the county of Tyrone.

HUTTON William

09 Aug 61

July 19 at Quebec, William Hutton Esq. aged 57 years, Secretary of Board of Statistics and Agriculture, formerly of Grange, Foyle, county Tyrone.

HYNDMAN William Dr.

06 Mar 41

On Thursday 11th ult., at his house, 1 Alpha Cottage, Hammersmith, London, in the 62nd year of his age, William Hyndman, Surgeon R.N. He was a native of Magheracolton, near Newtownstewart. He joined the fleet in 1804 and was in active service at Buenos Ayres and Monte Video and in 1808 in Spain. he has left a widow to lament his loss.

HYNDMAN Elizabeth

27 Feb 57

At Philadelphia on the 1st inst., at the house of her brother in law, Mr. Thomas J. Young, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Hyndman, Drumlegagh, near Baronscourt, aged 21 years.


16 Mar 69

March 10 at her residence, Altrest, Ann Hyndman aged 77 years.

INCH Dorothea

16 Aug 45

At Inchany, Strabane, on the 5th inst., Dorothea Inch aged 68 years, after a most protracted illness.

INCH William

16 May 46

On the 8th inst. at Inchany, near Strabane, William Inch sen.

INCH William

07 Dec 66

December 4 at Inchany, Mr. William Inch aged 77 years.

IRVIN Isabella

09 Sep 48

On the 1st inst., aged 54 years, Isabella, wife of Mr. Hugh Irvin, Skinbuoy near Douglasbridge, county Tyrone

IRVIN Andrew

15 Jan 69

Jan 6 at Lisnacloon, Mr. Andrew Irvin aged 83 years.


29 Oct 31

At Deer Park near Newtownstewart, on the 21st inst., aged 60 years, John Irvine Esq. R.N.

IRVINE Catherine

09 Feb 33

On Saturday last the 2nd inst., Catherine, wife of Mr. Robert Irvine of Strabane, innkeeper.


15 Aug 46

On the 8th inst., in the 20th year of his age, Beatty Irvine, third son of Wilkin Irvine Esq. of Feglish, near Lowtherstown, county of Tyrone.


15 Feb 50

On February 5th, in the 74th year of his age, Wilkin Irvine Esq. Eglish, county Tyrone.


15 Mar 50

On the 5th inst., at his residence, Ranfurley Terrace, Dungannon, John Irvine Esq. Supervisor of Inland Revenue.


20 May 53

On the 10th inst., at Muff Glebe, Cookstown, aged 17, Jane third daughter of the Rev. William J. Irvine.


30 Dec 53

At Newtownsterart, on Monday the 19th inst. in the 38th year of his age, James Irvine Esq. Officer of Inland Revenue.

IRVINE Daughter

22 Jul 59

July 14 at Cookstown, county Tyrone, the infant daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Irvine.

IRVINE Richard

11 May 60

May 1 at Strabane, after a lingering illness, Mr. Richard Irvine aged 23 years.


07 Dec 60

November 28th at his residence, Creavy, near Castlederg, Mr. C. Irvine aged 55 years.

IRVINE William

18 Apr 62

April 10 at Tamnamore, Mr. William Irvine aged 86 years.

IRVINE Frederick


March 17 at Gortlalowry House, Cookstown, Frederick Irvine aged five years, son of Lieutenant Colonel Irvine, late of the 88th Regiment, after a few days illness.

IRVINE Lieutenant Colonel

10 Apr 63

On the 2nd April at Gortlalowry House, Cookstown, Lieutenant Colonel Irvine, late of the 88th Regiment, after a few days illness.

IRVINE Charles

10 Apr 63

On the 5th of April, at Gortalowry House, Cookstown, Charles, second son of the late Lieutenant Colonel Irvine, after a few days illness.

IRVINE William

24 May 64

March 31 at Kurrachee, East Indies, in the 22nd year of his age, William Irvine Esq., H.M. 19th Regiment, eldest son of the late Lieutenant Colonal Irvine of Cookstown, county Tyrone.


02 Apr 67

March 28 at Lisnagore, county Tyrone, Mary the beloved wife of John Irvine Esq., aged 73 years.

IRVINE Arthur Henry Rev.

16 Apr 67

At Spring Hill, county Tyrone, the Rev. Arthur Henry Irvine J.P., son of the late Gerrard Irvine Esq. D. L. of Killadeas, county Fermanagh.

IRWIN Christopher

06 Apr 33

At Clover Hill, near Drumquin, on Sunday the 1st inst., Mr. Christopher Irwin aged 78.

IRWIN Harriet J.

19 Aug 37

On the 7th inst., in Castle Hill, Dungannon, Harriet Jane, only daughter of the late John Irwin Esq. of Tully O'Donnel in the county Tyrone.


18 Nov 37

Nov. 11, in Paradise Row, Miss Jane Irwin aged 71, sister of James Moore Irwin Esq., Drumglass Dungannon.


01 Dec 38

At Augharaney near Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Mary, the wife of Henry Irwin, on the 26th ult.


22 Dec 38

On Thursday the 29th ult., at her residence, 5 Drumcondra Hill, Dublin, Essy, relict of the late Michael Irwin Esq. of Caledon and daughter of the late James Dyas Esq. of Kingscourt.


01 Jun 44

On the 17th ult., at Moytagh near Omagh, at the residence of Mr. Andrew Wright, Mrs. Jane Irwin at the advanced age of 94 yrs.

IRWIN Phoebe

19 Aug 53

On the 10th inst., at Dungannon, Phoebe, fourth daughter of Mr. Joseph Irwin, aged 17 years.


25 Aug 54

At Chill, Cosocton county, State of Ohio, America, on the 30th June last, in the 75th year of his age, Mr. Guy Irwin, formerly of Denamona, near Omagh, county Tyrone.

IRWIN James Moore

26 Jun 57

On the 15th inst., at his residence Drumglass House, county Tyrone, James Moore Irwin Esq. in the 93rd year of his age

IRWIN Mary Ann Gravey

22 Jan 58

On the 14th inst. at 9 Northumberland Row, Dungannon, Mary Ann Gravey Irwin, daughter of the late Alexander Irwin Esq. Moree, county Tyrone.

IRWIN Frances Alexander

19 Apr 61

On the 11th April, at Rosedale, near Dungannon, Frances Alexander, the infant son of Captain W.H. Irwin, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, aged eight months.

IRWIN Caroline

29 Nov 61

November 23, in Dundalk, Caroline, relict of James Irwin Esq. Wellbrook, county Tyrone


10 Jan 65

On the 4th January, at Kenilworth Road, Rathmines, Anne, widow of the Rev. Blayney Irwin, formerly Rector of Laracor, county Meath, and only daughter of the late John Elliott Cairns, Esq., county Tyrone.

IRWIN William James

30 Mar 66

On the 22nd January last, at his residence, Irwin's Hotel, Boroondara, Australia, Mr. William James Irwin aged 37 years, formerly of county Tyrone.

IRWIN W. H. Capt.

09 Jun 68

March 18, in Union Street, New Zealand, Captain W. H. Irwin, late of the 80th Royal Tyrone Fusiliers and of Drumglass House, county Tyrone.

IRWIN Elizabeth

23 Nov 69

Nov. 17, at the residence of her nephew, Henry Thompson M.D., Omagh, in her 78th year, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. John Irwin, Rector of Magheracross, diocese of Clogher.


19 Aug 43

At Strabane, on the on the 5th inst., James Alexander, second son of Mr. James Irwine of the Excise

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